Integrated Care in Action Podcast: Strategies for Effective Peer Supervision

Date: June 24, 2019
Time to read: 2 minutes.

The first episode in our podcast series explores how The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc. (The Council) restructured their peer supervision program by centering their supervision model on strength-based principles to better address the needs of their peer staff and supervisors. The Council – a prevention, education, intervention, and recovery support organization – provides services to help reduce the impact of addiction and support individuals with mental health conditions and other related issues through their wellness journey. In the podcast and accompanying spotlight below, the Council’s Executive Director (Bev Haberle) and two recovery support specialists and supervisors (Lena Marder and Fred Shue) share practical tips to make peer supervision impactful for your staff, and to build a supportive and strength-based culture.

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For more information and additional resources for integrating peer supports services within your organization, visit our resources here.

Featured Speakers:

  • Beverly Haberle, Executive Director, The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc. 
  • Lena Marder, Clinical Supervisor for Peer Specialists, The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc.
  • Fred Shue, Certified Recovery Specialist, The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc.

Intended Audience:

This podcast is intended for health plans, health systems, providers, peer support specialists, community-based organizations, and state and federal organizations who provide care to and support dually eligible beneficiaries with behavioral health conditions.