Engaging Members in Plan Governance – Resources from the 2020 ICCoP

Date: January 27, 2021
Time to read: less than a 1 minute.

Health plans derive significant value from engaging members in designing, participating in, and assessing their care systems.1 This work with members and their caregivers helps health plans understand and address member concerns and barriers to high-quality, coordinated care. One of the ways health plans can engage with members dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid is by including them in plan governance, such as establishing member advisory committees and recruiting members to governing boards.

These three resources address key issues for plans engaging members in plan governance – effectively managing virtual participation, designing meaningful stipends and incentives, and managing advisory council membership. These resources draw from lessons and promising practice shared by plan staff who participated in the 2020 Resources for Integrated Care Community of Practice on member engagement in plan governance.  

Resources for Engaging Members in Plan Governance:

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