Care Transition Toolkit for Persons with Mental Health & Co-Occurring Conditions Overview

Date: August 01, 2018
Time to read: 2 minutes.

If you have mental health conditions, you probably work with more than one provider for your health care in more than one place. You may be moving or transitioning from one care provider to another. Changing care locations is not always easy. People transitioning between settings often need additional support. We created the Care Transition Toolkit for Persons with Mental Health Conditions to help before, during, or after a transition between care locations or providers.  The Toolkit can be useful even if you are not moving. Anyone can use the Toolkit to organize their health information. The purpose of the Toolkit is to:

  • Address barriers in health care for individuals.
  • Improve communication when the individual transitions to a setting other than their home.
  • Improve communication when the individual leaves a hospital or inpatient psychiatric care facility, nursing home, residential treatment or group living arrangement.
  • Build or strengthen relationships between other members of the care team including the individual and his or her supportive individuals.

If you are moving between care settings or even if you’re not, think about using some or all of the tools in the toolkit. It has tools to keep track of personal health information, be part of your own care planning process, and share your medical preferences with the provider support team.

Each section of the toolkit has different information and tools. Use the descriptions on this page to decide which you want to use. You can read them in any order you want, but we recommend starting with the Introduction.

To decide which sections to download check out Which Tools Do I Need? or read the descriptions on Download the Tools. Use the Glossary if you want to look up unfamiliar words.