Physical Disability & Participant Engagement

RIC Event: Emergency Preparedness Planning for Persons with Disabilities Webinar

Video Recording: Podcast: This webinar is also available as a podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes. Description: During emergencies and natural disasters, health plans play a critical role in addressing and protecting their members’ health, safety, and independence. For persons with disabilities


Supporting the Preventive Health Care Needs of Dually Eligible Women with Disability

Podcast: This webinar is also available as a podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes. Description: In observance of National Women’s Health Week, this webinar provides strategies providers and health plans can employ to meet the health and safety needs of dually eligible women with


Strategies To Stimulate And Support Participant Engagement

You can view the webinar recording below. Supporting documents such as webinar slides, transcript, speaker bios, and additional resources are available to download by scrolling to the attachments section below. Live Webinar Air Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 – 2:00pm to 3:00pmDescription:  This