Falls Prevention

Addressing Bone Health Across the Life Course for Dually Eligible Women with Disabilities

Click Here to View the Resource Guide Resources for Integrated Care (RIC) has developed a resource guide to help inform providers, care managers, care coordinators, and other clinical staff at health plans and provider organizations about improving bone health for


Falls Prevention for Older Adults Webinar

You can view the webinar recording below. Supporting documents such as webinar slides, transcript, and additional resources are available to download by scrolling to the attachments section below. Podcast: This webinar is also available as a podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes. Falls and


RIC Event: Interdisciplinary Care Teams for Older Adults

https://youtu.be/AdXryOI4SlQ?si=gwdO1cdYg58FflY_ Podcast: This webinar is also available as podcasts on SoundCloud and iTunes. Description: By working in a team of skilled professionals, interdisciplinary care teams (ICT) provide comprehensive assessment, and management of care for older adults. Effective ICTs use a person-centered approach that