Using This Tool

Access Instructions

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For the most comprehensive assessment of your organization, the following method is recommended:

  1. This tool should be completed by at least two staff within your organization. Staff members should score each element as they go through the tool. The total time for completion will vary; however each user should expect to spend 1-2 hours completing the tool. If some staff prefer to use a paper-based version of the tool, one is available here.
  2. Identify several people with different perspectives such as clinical and support staff, clients, peer supports and administrators to complete the tool. It is important to include multiple points of view.
  3. Ask each person to review the elements of self-management support (Sections 1 and 2) independently. Give the following instructions.

a. “You should consider the prior three-month period of care delivery and the clients you or your care team served when answering the questions.

b. Choose one response for each question.

c. There is no right or wrong answer. Please make your best guess.”

  1. Use the instructions to interpret each individual’s total score.
  2. Convene the staff completing the tool or a slightly larger team to discuss the scores. This may be an opportunity to ask more questions and identify activities that are going well, as well as identify opportunities for improvement. The scores may help your organization set priorities for improving self-management support services.
  3. Refer to the tool or a subsection of the tool with the same or different individuals to monitor your organization’s progress over time. Revisiting the tool every six months or so may help maintain your organization’s commitment to change.

Your organization will likely use other resources to help with strengthening self-management support, such as colleagues, practice coaches, experienced providers, consultants, and additional tools. You might explore: