Disability-Competent Care Webinar Roundtable Series: Training In Disability-Competent Care And Supports

Time to read: less than a 1 minute.

Lewin Group, under contract with CMS’ Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office (MMCO) and in collaboration with the Disability Practice Institute (DPI), hosted this optional webinar series for interested health care professionals, front-line staff with health plans and practices, and other stakeholders to explore the topic of disability-competent care and supports in a provider setting.

The Disability-Competent Care Webinar Roundtable Series: Training in Disability-Competent Care and Supports, an eight-part webinar series, launched on Feburary 4th, 2014. Click the webinar titles below for resources relating to each of these webinars. The webinars in this series are based on those presented in our previous series, Leading Healthcare Practices and Training: Defining and Delivering Disability-Competent Care, which included nine webinars that were held every Tuesday from September 4th, 2013 to December 10th, 2013. 

We hope our webinar participants and others will find these resources helpful, and we welcome any and all feedback to our continual attempts to improve the Resources for Integrated Care website and its products. Please feel free to email RIC@lewin.com with inquiries and comments.