SAMHSA Webinar: Improving Opioid Misuse Prevention Literacy Between Older Adults and Health Care Providers

Event Start Date: March 28, 2019 - 6:00 PM EDT
Event End Date: March 28, 2019 - 7:30 PM EDT

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Research suggests that substance misuse, especially opioid misuse, is a growing public health issue within the nation’s older adult population. Health challenges associated with aging, such as arthritis-related pain, back pain, or recovery from an injury or surgery, are leading more adults age 50 and older to seek prescriptions for opioid medications.

Patients, their caregivers, and health care providers need to know what questions to ask about opioids to improve health literacy regarding the substances. By improving health literacy, we can develop an effective prevention strategy for addressing the opioid crisis among older adults, including by helping them make more informed, healthier choices regarding their prescription drug use.

This is the fourth webinar in SAMHSA’s National Prevention Week (NPW) 2019 series developed to support organizations and communities working on the front lines of prevention. Confirmed speakers include:

  • David Lamont Wilson, NPW 2019 Coordinator, SAMHSA
  • Jennifer Solomon, MA, Public Health Analyst, SAMHSA
  • Kathleen A. Cameron, MPH, Senior Director, Center for Healthy Aging, National Council on Aging

Next webinar in this series: Becoming Prevention Champions in Your Workplaces and Communities, Tuesday, April 23, 2:00 PM ET