Disability-Competent Care Resource on Care Coordination

Time to read: less than a 1 minute.

This brief presentation distills key information and content on Disability-Competent Care (or DCC) care coordination from several sources, including previous webinars, tools, and resources produced by Resources for Integrated Care (or RIC) in collaboration with DCC subject matter experts. The target audience for this presentation is health plans and providers who serve individuals that are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid to improve the coordination of care they provide for individuals with disabilities. This resource summarizes care coordination content from several sources, including previous presentations, tools, and resources developed by Resources for Integrated Care. It describes key elements of care coordination, the role of interdisciplinary teams, and strategies to improve care coordination.


  1. Background on the population at hand,

  2. Critical Areas of Care Coordination for disability competent care,

  3. Strategies for Effective Care Coordination for Individuals Living with Disabilities,

  4. The Interdisciplinary Team (or IDT),

  5. Communication among the members of the IDT, including the participant, and

  6. Tailoring Services to meet the individuals specific needs.