Disability-Competent Care Coordination

Event Start Date: March 08, 2017 - 7:00 PM EDT
Event End Date: March 08, 2017 - 8:00 PM EDT

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This webinar is also available as a podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes.

This webinar explores the provision of care coordination across an interdisciplinary care team (IDT).  Webinar viewers will learn about the composition and function of the IDT. Additionally, this webinar explores the care process by examining all stages from assessment through implementation of the plan of care. Viewers will also learn about medication management, care transitions and advanced directives concepts.

Webinar Presenters:  

  • Rachael Stacom, RN, ANP-BC, Senior Vice President for Care Management Independence Care System of New York and Nurse Practitioner at Bronx Lebanon Multiple Sclerosis Center
  • Chris Duff, Disability Practice and Policy Consultant


  1. Understanding care coordination provided by an interdisciplinary care team (IDT) 
  2. Understanding the composition and functioning of the IDT
  3. Facilitating the care and service plans
  4. Understanding self-determination and minimization of risk – from both the participant and providers perspective
  5. Developing transition protocols to mitigate difficult changes