Geriatric Services Capacity Assessment

Geriatric-competent care focuses on providing care and support for maximum function and prevents or eliminates barriers to integrated, accessible care. The Geriatric Services Capacity Assessment was developed to help health plans and health systems, including community providers, hospitals, and other health care delivery organizations, evaluate their current ability to meet the needs of older adults and to identify strategic opportunities for improvement.

  • This tool is available by domain or topic area (eight in total) and as one complete document. Use the navigation bar on the right to access each individual domain or select the document below to access the the full tool.
  • We encourage users to identify which area they are most interested in exploring at this time and to download the domain that corresponds to this topic area.
  • We have also provided assessment sheets (available in Word and PDF format) for each domain that can be used to track your organization’s progress while completing the self-assessment.

Inherent in geriatric-competent care is the need to engage the individual in defining their care goals and needs. Establishing geriatric-competent care within a health plan or health system affects all functional areas of the plan or system, from direct care delivery, to contract and payment modifications, to management systems, to the inclusion of a full range of home- and community-based care options and supports. As such, all key functional areas in the organization should be represented in the completion of the tool.

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